Help Out A Fellow Coachie.....

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  1. Here's the situation.

    I was looking for #11505 - Lurex Studded Tote in Black. I had 2 options on Ebay and 1 option on Bonanzle. I decided to purchase the one on Bonanzle. Seller was selling for $155 OBO. I submitted a BO of $140 to which she agreed. I paid my money and waited for shipment confirmation.

    The bag was still listed for some time but I paid no mind to it. Tonight I receive an email from Paypal saying that I had been issued a refund from the seller. Then I check my Bonanzle mail and she sent me an email apologizing. Apparently another buyer bought it at the BIN price, and according to contract, she must sell to that buyer. Naturally I'm slightly bummed because I was looking forward to that bag, but I do appreciate that she promptly contacted me and issued the refund.

    My question to you girls and guys is: Can she do that? Wasn't she supposed to pull the listing after she agreed to my BO? I'm not looking to cause any trouble but I'm curious as to whether it really works that way.
  2. i think this is something best for ebay forum, wish i could help but i have no experience with bonz
  3. When you accept an offer on Bonanzle the listing should no longer show as active, I think?

    Moving this to the ebay forum for more answers for ya. :yes:
  4. Email and ask. The fact that she accepted your offer and you paid leads me to believe the item SOLD. But, I've not had this happen on BONZ, so I can only suggest that you ask BONZ for clarification.
  5. im curious to know this as well, that seems kind of odd.
  6. Yes it's possible to have 2 buyers on Bonz. The listing won't say "sold" right away sometimes, like when a buyer pays with an e-check. Bonz suggests that you manually remove the listing in that case, because it won't be removed until the check clears. I had this happen where I had to remove the listing. My buyer didn't intentionally pay with an echeck, that's just how paypal put it in.
    I don't know if this is what happened here, but that's just one scenario where you could have 2 buyers.
  7. Thanks a lot! I feel a lot better about it now.