HELP! ostrich "eye" peeling off!

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  1. after the manolo blahnik signing event yesterday, i realized that one of my birkin's ostrich "eye" on the strap/belt was peeling off! :sad: :sad:

    is there anything i can do with it other than sending it off for repair lasting over 6 months???

    has anyone had any similar problems with their ostrich bags??
  2. Mine did, and I sent it back to be fixed.

    Just make sure it did not peel off !!!

    I think they stick the 'eye' back :P
  3. yikes..they are so fragile!!!!
    imagine the eye hanging halfway on the purse staring at you..
  4. So sorry to hear that. :sad:
  5. oh didnt know this can happen.. disappointing
  6. Pazt, I think it's better for you to send your ostrich back to Hermes to have it fixed, just like what Katyc did. You'll miss it for a while :crybaby: but it will come back as good as new! :yes:
  7. Yes, send it back before it drops off !!!

    That really is the problem with ostrich bags, if you scratch it hard, the 'eyes' may drop off, its quite gross.

    Its worse if those 'eye's are not hammered flat and popping out, your kid may peel them off for you :sweatdrop:
  8. EEEK! I can only imagine the's good that it was isolated to the strap and not on the main body of the bag.

  9. but the thing is, orchids, that's where all the movement is other than the edges/corners and handles. if i widen the "mouth" of my bag to find something inside, that straps/belt move in and out of it's opening sometimes sliding on the hardware notch!

    i will miss it. i will have to send it out, i guess. I NEED A NEW BAG NOW (i will be one bag short for the holidays). :crybaby: :crybaby: :sad:
  10. sorry to hear about your ostrich eye....hope it doesn't take to long to repair it but I know it will be worth the wait.
  11. So sorry to hear that! I'm sure you will miss her when you send it bag! but maybe it is time for that yellow birkin! Sending out all the good vibes for you to find one! :yes:
  12. thanks CAC! i'm hooking on those vibes right now! or maybe a raisin, cyclamen or blue brighten will do too! :graucho: :graucho:
  13. I'm sorry to hear about the ostrich eye. Yikes, maybe instead of an ostrich Kelly 28cm I should just aim for a croc Kelly? Or is that even harder to maintain?:confused1:
  14. Poor you,that would put me of ostrich old is you bag:confused1:
  15. kou, i still love the ostrich, it's just unfortunate that that can happen. another girlfriend had the same problem too and her's have to be sent out as well. croc is ok, as long as it doesn't rain....

    BG, my bag is 2 years old. and maybe carried under 8 times only in the past 2 years.