Help - Organizer in Empreinte Speedy B

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  1. Hello all - please give me your opinion. My SA was recently able to find a speedy bandouliere 30 in empreinte infini, and I scooped her up. I have a DE speedy B 30, and I really like using the samorga organizer for the compartments. I do not mind sag, but I really like having a specific pocket for my phone, keys, and go-to lip product so I don't loose those little things. I was thinking about ordering the same organizer for the empreinte speedy B, but I am not sure if it is necessary in this bag given the better internal pockets and larger zip opening. What are your thoughts?
  2. Mine is a 25, so can't say about 30 but a base shaper is all I use. Organizer for me isn't needed but I have pochettes for most items so don't need an organizer, and the pockets hold enough. Try your organizer in it first and see if you need it.
  3. Thanks! Do you think the base shaper is necessary in the empriente? I am only used to the canvas speedy.
  4. Yes, I like it for two reasons-
    1. protects the inside bottom of bag
    2. prevents sag