Help organize my speedy 30

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  1. I am thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton accessory for my speedy 30 to help me organize it better. What do you guys recommend?
  2. purseket, and large. I use one in my mc speedy and love it. There is just so much room in that bag:smile:
  3. So cool, I have never seen these last two! Thanks!!
  4. anytime
  5. Another bag organizer is Bagmate. In my LV, I use a makeup bag (not LV) and a Perforated Pochette Plate to keep things organized.
  6. I use a medium Purseket in my Speedy 30 and a large in my 35. Works awesome and helps them to retain theis shape!
  7. The accessory would be good to have if you dont want to carry your speedy in to a store, So you could put you wallet in it and go. I really like my Accessory's Pochette.
  8. I've used a purseket and I would recommend it. I like the separate compartments to put my keys, lipgloss, lotions, mirrors, etc.
  9. I Don't Have One...I Know Others Who LOVE Their's...It's A Great Idea!
  10. A purseket is great. I want one!
  11. I have 3 Pursekets, LOVE them! I have a drop in, small and medium.
  12. Me too! I also have the large. Which bags do you use yours in?
  13. I use my large purseket in my Speedy 35 (I'll try it in my Speedy 40).
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