Help! Ordering Trasporto blind!

  1. I'm just going to bite the bullet and order a Trasporto from Nordstrom. Would I have a better chance at getting all of the characters on a Buon Viaggio or an Avventura? I'm anti-Ciao Ciao, I never used my Foresta because of the flatness, so I wound up hanging it as decoration because the print placement is perfect. I'd never use a Luna, so that's out. Help, please!
  2. All of the characters would fit on either bag. The Avventura is HUGE though, so if you order it, be sure that you want a really gigantic bag.
  3. The Buon is my standard go-to bag, but I'm seriously considering the Avventura. A cardigan or raincoat is a tight fit with the Buon and it's that transitional weather time of year.

    Thanks! I was worried that Trasporto was one of those oddly-sized prints, like Spiaggia.
  4. Thanks! Now I wish I'd gone ahead and ordered the Zucca before they were out, it looks like the whole scene would fit on the back.
  5. you can definitely get all characters even on a BV, so you're fine with both BV or avventura
  6. gingiemay's right - trasporto swatch is not that big. if you don't mind having the complete print (half on each side of the bag), i think a BV would be good enough.

    here're my MM front & back pics. for your reference... think it pretty much covered all the characters if you consider both sides.

    good luck with your Nordies order!
    do share pics. once you get it :smile:
    trasporto_MM1.JPG trasporto_MM2.JPG
  7. There are a couple of Zuccas on eBay from unique threads, and the prices are right around retail. That way you can see placement before you order. The Zucca prices are lower than the Mamma Mia prices!! :cursing:
  8. Trasporto is a good print for all bags...not to much large characters like some others. I'm getting a Zucca...I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
  9. No kidding -I can't remember which site (karmaloop?), but they had a picture w/the model holding the avventura & it was crazy; it was so large that if she was sitting in a tuck-position you could throw the bag over her & she'd be "poof" gone from view.