HELP! Opinions please on these bags!

  1. They just got in the Sandstone twiggy at BalNY! I had the SA send me pics of 2 of them and I have to pick one...but I am NOT an expert by any means, so I thought I would ask you fine ladies (and gents) to lend me your eyes and opinions!
    p.s. They got 4 or so of them in, so try calling if you want one.

    THANKS!!!!! I am soooooo excited:yahoo:



  2. IMG][/IMG]

  3. [​IMG]
  4. I like this one best:
  5. why dont you get them to send both, you choose one then send the other back?
  6. I like this one the best, but if you are not sure, perhaps they could send more photos, maybe taken outside?
  7. I'm no expect either, they look exactly the same to me lol I think I'd ask the SA to send me the thicker & softer one:jammin:

    Would she get stuck with a store credit then?
  8. Either way OMG! That is a pretty bag!
  9. I like the one on the bottom better - seems a little more slouchy. But they are both gorgeous!! Seeing these pics makes me want one!!! :nuts:
  10. thank you all so much for your opinions! i did get the SA to pick out the thicker and less distressed one...OMG i can't wait! i love the colour so much:heart:!
    will post pics when i get it...
  11. they both look good!
  12. Can't wait to see photos - this is a bag I really want but probably can't have....yet:crybaby:
  13. That color is AMAZING! LOVE IT!
  14. I like the bottom one best. The first one looks splotchy but it may be the lighting.
  15. I would pick either of those. They both look great!