HELP!! Opinions on this Fendi Selleria Tote

  1. I'm on the edge of the fence over this.

    My practical side says YES! Use it for textbooks, groceries (save bags), and shopping /mall purposes. Or .... as a raincoat for my Spy

    But it is expensive for a shopper tote, and would it be too tacky??? :worried:

    (Pictures are from
    FENDI.jpg FENDI2.jpg
  2. Go for it! I like it, and at $500, the price ain't bad either.
  3. Nooooooooooooooo! Put your hand away from the mouse. Do NOT buy. I think the "novelty" of the bag will wear off quickly and you're not going to recover $500 for her is my guess... You're better off taking that $500 and investing it into something more long-term.

    But if you can afford the $500 and you really think you'll love and use her--I won't stop you! :P
  4. :\ It's nay for me.
  5. i am sorry.. another nay here :sad:
  6. Sorry another nay :sad:

  7. totally agree!!!!!!!!!:smile: :shame:
  8. I say no. I saw the barrel shaped bag in the store and IRL it was a tad tacky. I say keep your $500.
  9. sorry, nay for me too. $500 can be saved for other bags.......
  10. Sorry - it's a Neigh (poor joke, I know)
  11. Sorry......a nay for me too!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hmm... maybe you girls are right.... I'm such a bad impulse buyer!!! :shame:
    I saw it on styledrops while studying for my finals and I

    JUST. HAD. TO. HAVE. It.

    :biggrin: Before this forum, I hardly gave a thought to my bags/purses, etc. lol

    It's not $500 though...that's how I'm justifying it... someone who purchased it from styledrops is willing to sell it to me for $255 + shipping, she's got the receipt/bill and everything and will ship it to me from USA in the same box she got from the website. Said she got it and it was not as she imagined

    So I'm still stuck...leaning towards a no... and hoping for more opinions! :love: Wouldn't it be nice to save the environment whenever I go shopping?? Thanks in advance everyone!!! I love you guys!
  13. I would never get it for $500...but at $250, it does seem like a good deal. I love your idea about the environment. All the magazines, Elle, Vanity Fair, Allure, etc. have "green" issues for earthday:smile: Some of them recommend shopper totes.
  14. Even at 250$, I'm still going with nay. :\