Help! Opinions needed: Pros and Cons of small Betty

  1. Hello fellow TPFers! I don't know whether to buy this Chloe Betty that's been made available to me. It's in the small size and it's a navy blue color. I need all the opinions I can get! :smile: Betty owners and non-owners all welcome to rant or rave.Thanks!
  2. Buy it!!
    I just got a small betty recently and I love her :heart:

    I had to recently stop using my Bbag First as it was just too small for everyday, and the betty is so much bigger, plus there's all the outside pockets too.

    The one thing I'd say is the straps are pretty wide, so if you have small hands it may feel a bit strange at first, but I'm sure they'll soften with use.

    What style is the one you've been offered?
  3. This same one but in navy blue: (photo from all about betty thread)
    betty side2.JPG
  4. It's the one with the ring zips too :tup:

    Buy it! I would ;)
  5. pros - its a great bag

    cons - err none! i miss mine lol ;)
  6. So did you get it? :graucho:

  7. :wtf: Do not tell me you sold your blue one???!!!
  8. I did :wtf: A moment of madness, but it did go to a fabby pfer who is lovely :yes: so it makes me feel better!! I was getting the baby Paddy and thought I wouldnt need 2 small bags! Shows what I know, the baby is just the wrong colour for me so now I have none :rolleyes:

    hee hee, just one of those things :biggrin:
  9. Didn't get it yet...still waiting for the cash to come in. Haha! Actually I have some money set aside but I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks so I'd better keep the money for that. :smile:

    Although.....I am sooooo tempted to get the Betty cause it's still available and I cannot stop thinking about it. But my conscience is reminding me constantly to be patient and WAIT for when I have the extra cash. Argh! What a dilemma! :confused1: