HELP! opinions needed please

  1. What do you think about the large bowling? Is this a great bag to use? somebody offer me one at $700, a white one, do you think is very trendy or classic? please I need your honest opinions, thank you:confused1:
  2. Have you seen pics posted in the photos thread? Do a search. Personally, I prefer the mini bowling. The Bowling is big like the Day but more structured. It depends on what you would use it for.
  3. ^^ holy mackeral, grab that bag girl!!! :nuts:

    p.s. i've got 2 mini-bowlers & i love them :heart:
  4. :p aaa you are so funny! do you think is a lot of difference from one to another (mini/large)?
  5. White is a great non-color :yes: :yes: :yes: Perfect for spring and summer... BUY IT :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. I love the mini one, not sure how much bigger the larger one would be.. but you could prob. always sell it for more than $700 if you decide you don't like it...??
  7. Geez!!! Take it, take it, take it!

    I would take that bag off whoever's offering it to you in a heartbeat!! I want a Bowling SOOOOOOOO bad!! :yes:
  8. The large bowling is a great bag. I'be tried it IRL & the plus is u can wear it on your shoulders comfortably. $700 (USD?) is a great price i think. Hope u get it!
    Nymph, there's a Grenat large bowling at Bal Spore the last I looked ...ekekeke :p
  9. Well it depends on the colour that it comes in
    if that one come in colour
  10. Thank you for your responses, I just bought the bowling in blue india:yahoo: at the same price!! I am so happy, i can't wait, I think I haven't seen a bowling in this color, White it's lovely but i don't want to worry because of the light color if you know what I mean, I will post pics :jammin: