Help ; ) Opinions Needed ASAP - TIA!!!

Jan 25, 2006
This sounds like a great opportunity for your daughter to make some money and learn how to be responsible with it. If the woman is willing to pay her $10/hr I say great!

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Aug 5, 2006
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I think 10$ an hour sounds fair. But ITA that she should save some for the school year. But make sure (from expirience) the job doesn't overtake her summer and she still has free time with friends. I can't believe shes already 15! That way she can buy her own juicy bags. ROFL
Apr 28, 2007
I've had the same girl since my daugher was 1 and she is now 8. I've always paid her $10hr and I told her I would always pay her a minimum of $40 even if I was only gone 2 hours.

It has worked out well ~ and she likes selling stuff on ebay so I've given her a few purses over the years to sell ~ and I think she kept one for herself :smile:


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Jan 4, 2007
I think a good way of thinking about the situation is what the comparable service this person could get for effectively $500/week ($10/hr x 50 hrs)? If babysitting + cleaning + having someone that she trusts would be more than $500, then your daughter is charging a reasonable rate. And heck, I know a lot of college students that would love to earn $2000/month.