Help!! Opinions in choosing a new bag

  1. Hi ladies,

    I was thinking of getting a bag that is very 'ladylike'-not casual, but more formal. I know that every person's definition of that description is different, but that's where your opinions will help greatly! Please kick in and give me some of your ideas! :smile:
  2. Hmm... so many!

    I think the Bal Harbour satchel is very ladylike, esp in eggshell. Blake, Elise, and Venetia are very structured and are probably appear the most "ladylike" out of his soft calf collection.

    The chain strap bags will work as well, such as the baby stam, stam, Capra or any of the newer season bags for that matter. Quilted bags are very sophisticated too.

    Anything catching your eye?
  3. I was thinking of a handheld bag that can also be slung over the shoulder :drool: with chains, so I guess the stam would work, but I'm just looking to see if there's other options out there ;) Thank you thithi!
  4. The Elise style is very ladylike. It's a good size, structured, and hand held. I love it in patent.
  5. The Stam really looks a lot better handheld. It tends to have a heavy look when worn with the chain. I guess it's because the handles still show. If you want the quilted and chain look that's not the stam, you might want to consider a quilted multipocket.



    photos courtesy of eluxury
  6. Thank you Archipelago! I was just thinking that the handles of the multipocket wouldn't be that comfortable handheld, though it is a lovely bag. :rolleyes:
  7. Oh, and I thought I want the leather to be soft too. Is there a difference of that between the different styles, like from the Blakes to the Stams?