Help...opinion please

  1. Hello, I have as of late bought a few MJ's a Diane and Guineviere and a Marc by Marc Jacobs firebird red teri. :yahoo: I need to know how do you clean and condition your leather or do you? I'm not sure if they need to be conditioned or if his bags are to be left alone. Also I'm scared to carry them...I know it makes no sense but I'm worried that I will get something on them and ruin the bag for good. I bought the MJ's on sale. The MbyMJ I have carried and feel fine doing so. Is it just me or do you worry about your bags? I need your help on what is the right thing to do. I have always carried Coach or Kate Spade and they tell you what to do...but this is a new passion and I need to know so I do the right thing...I have MJ fever but it does me no good if I just sit and look at them. I also have a MJ multipocket on the way to me I got and paid full price for. Many Thanks
  2. Baby wipes I hear are very good for cleaning, as is a suede brush and cleaner. My cobbler suggested spraying my leather with a protectant and doesn't think conditioner is a good idea on lighter colored bags. I've used the protectant and haven't had any problems. The conditioner is great for darker bags, esp when it comes to removing some scratches.
  3. What condition do you use and is it okay on cow and calf leather?
  4. leather conditioner is good, but you have to make sure that the leather can take it. like for example, you wouldn't use it on nappa leather as sometimes, it can create stains or discoloration. i have heard with the turnlock collection that the color does rub off, i think i would probably stay away from leather conditioner on it. i would buy a stain and waterproofing spray(kiwi makes a good one) that will protect it from getting stained and partially protect it if it comes across anything moist.

    oh yah, the leather conditioners will specify what types of leather you can use them on. i have heard good things about apple gurade and i use one called cadillac boot and shoe care. it says on the back

    "unique wax-free lotion cleans, polishes, and protects leaving a soft satiny finish that retards water spotting and cracking. Enhances the life and natural lustre of shoes, boots, handbags, coats, luggage, and other leather aticles. may be used safely on all colors of delicate kid, calf, glove or smooth leathers, reptile and exotic skins, patent and vinyl. do not use on suede or nubuck."

    i used it on my LV's too and i can take them out in the rain without getting water spots on the vachetta!
  5. I don't plan on using it on the Teri only the MJ's that are cow or calf leather...would it be against the rules to use my Coach cleaner and conditioner? If I use them should I do a test patch first? Gosh I would hate to hurt them.
  6. I use my coach cleaner and conditioner on my MJ bags. They have worked beautifully!
  7. i think you should be okay as long as you dont use it on the teri. i would opt for a spray protectant if anything on that one :smile:
  8. I have never used any cleaners..and My bags are all FINE!
  9. Bags are meant to be used, enjoy them. MJ's bags are very high quality, they will last for years.

    As far as conditioning, I am told by MJ stores not to put anything on the bags. I believe most of purselovers here baby our bags, I'm very careful with mine. Plastic bags are always handy for rainy days, they are stored everywhere I can think of -- my office, car, etc. LOL. I never place little things (like pen, lipstick) directly inside my bag to prevent any possible damage to the suede lining -- all these stuffs are placed inside mini nylon bags beforehand.

    Ladies, keep the discussion going. It's nice to hear how members care for their bags. =)
  10. Great much to think about. I LOVE my Teri and feel okay to carry it when it's not rainy...since I live in Vegas we don't have much rain so I'm good...on cloudy days I carry one of my pebbled leather Coach's since I know it won't hurt them. It's funny I paid the same amount for these MJ's I paid for some of my Coach bags but they seem like so much more to me that I just worry. I did buy the new Coach Legacy Satchel for 698.00 and I'm not even carrying that husband just shakes his head...good thing he loves me. I want to condition it if it won't hurt because the climate out here is so dry...and I don't want it to dry out. So keep the suggestion coming...thanks again
  11. I have also used baby wipes for light stains. I normally only clean my bags if I have purchased them used from ebay. I always give them a good cleaning since someone else has used it first. Both the Coach cleaner and baby wipes get my purses looking brand new!
  12. I don't have an MJ anymore, but when I did I never put anything on it and it was fine. Think you'll be okay without anything.

    Just as a point of reference, once a Prada bag I had got dirty over time and I had a trusted (and well-known) shoe and leather repairer clean it - and it came back like new!
  13. I've been using the Cole Haan conditioner on my bags. The only ones I've used it on so far are the calf/cow and goat leather bags. I haven't tried it on my icey petrol yet.

    I need to start carrying some plastic bags though, that's a good idea... although it doesn't rain very much over here!
  14. thank you everyone....I will leave them alone for gals are the best