Help: Opinion on the mabillon

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  1. I was looking at the lv website for a new bag for my birthday, and my eye dropped on this bag, that I've never considered before.

    Immediately I came here in the forum, looking for the special clubhouse, but I was surprised to see it seems not to exist (???).
    So I ask you, my dear fellows, which are your impressions, expecially if you own it.
    Are there in the forum any reveals about it? I really would like to see beautifull pictures of the interior, or modeling pics.
    I found a pair of videos on youtube, but I didn't like them that much.

    Thanks in advance. Kiss
  2. I don't have the link handy but if you look it up there's a nice long good review on you tube of this bag. The woman that did it is petite with short hair. Was that the one you saw? To me it looks like a cool crossbody. There might not be a clubhouse but I could have sworn there was a pretty decent thread about this bag.
  3. Found the thread!
    thank you:smile:
  4. I have one about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it!!! It fits everything I need. Sunglasses case mm, Helene wallet or zcw, cosmetic mm, round coin purse, LV headphone case, Peri iPhone charger, key cles, 6 ring key holder and iPhone 6 Plus. Minimal vachetta, light weight, even with all my stuff. I use it every day so far. It's quickly become my fav everyday crossbody. As for the side tabs curling, mine has been good so far. I have the twice and it fits way more than the twice. Love the secret pocket!
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  5. I have had my Mabillon since January & absolutely love it. I originally purchased it for an out of town trip but it has turned into an everyday bag.....perfect size for me & so easy to wear Crossbody. Sorry have no pics but it is a good one for sure.
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  6. I tried it on last weekend and loved how it looked but I felt like I couldn't get my things in it. I went with a Turenne PM and I love it BUT the Mabillon has still been on my mind...I think I may get it in the coming months. Along with a smaller wallet ;) Glad to hear how much u are loving it. It's such a pretty bag to me!
  7. Thank you :smile:
    It's my everyday bag and still love it!
    I know what u mean when u say u can't get it off ur mind- it was on my mind a good 2 weeks!
  8. So good to hear! I think I will try and treat myself for my bday in September. It keeps calling out to me!
  9. I am also extremely interested in Mabillon!!! I am very sure it is not available in the LV store in my city. I think this LV store has the least number of items on sale in the whole wide world. They never seem to have the item I wish to see.

    I am too wondering if it has enough space to fit all my stuff. I always carry an umbrella, samsung note mobile phone, a kindle e reader, a small cosmetic bag and sometimes a small water bottle.
  10. I have it and love it. Agree with the other posts
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  11. I have seen online someone placing a iPad mini on the outside pocket and carrying a small reg water bottle. I have used cosmetic mm in there too and iPhone plus. Not sure about umbrella as I don't carry one. I have carried a Helene Wallet, sunglasses case mm, cosmetic mm, six ring key holder round coin purse LV earphone case, iPhone 6 Plus and back up battery in it all at once. HTH.
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  12. I went to the store today. ...surprise surprise they have mabillon but ONLY ONE.

    No....I did not walk out with it. I am still uncertain.

    The strap looks strange on me when I wear it. I am not used to light color strap. I wish the mabillon is a little bit bigger. I have wide shoulder and overweight. .....It looks a bit small when I wear it cross body.

    But it's so light and functional!!!
  13. Those of you who have it, can you post up pictures? Modeling and what fits in it. I'm debating on this or the totally pm right now.
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  14. Do you have the link to it? I can't find it