Help! One more bag? Should I?

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  1. The ice and cold sent me to Hermes last Saturday and I brought home a B30 in Turquoise! By far the brightest H bag of my entire life! I did have an Evelyn on hold, in Cali, in the not so eye-popping colvert (blue) color and now I'm wondering if I should set the Evelyn free or simply add to my collection? I don't need another bag - and I didn't plan on another Birkin (I was considering a toolbox maybe). The evelyn's are fun bags to have (I have an older one in the stunningly bright etoupe color)...anyway - just thought I'd throw this question out since once again we are expecting another Nor'easter in Connecticut... a third possibility is to hold out and go really insane and get an Evelyn in a brighter color - any suggestions on another bight color or just pass on it altogether? Thanks!!!!!!
  2. Maybe the evelyne in sulfur or bamboo? Would be really gorgeous for summer. I just ordered one in rose confetti :smile:
  3. Love bamboo!!
  4. "I dont need another bag" - the answer is pretty obvious. Set the evelyne free. :smile:
  5. +1
  6. Purchase it all!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. I would pass. Btw I am envious of your island return!!
  8. Set the evelyn free & what color were you thinking about in the toolbox?
  9. Let the Evelyn go and use that money for a toolbox!
  10. Dont buy evelyn
    Since you already got one
    Get the toolbox
  11. #11 Mar 25, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014
    Since the turquoise birkin is a bit of an adventure/departure for you, I'd ride that wave for a while! Enjoy your new bag, wear it a bunch, and see how you feel about brighter colors over time. THEN, either get another Evelyne in a (maybe, brighter) color, or go for the Toolbox.

    BTW, I'm up in Boston, hoping the forecasts that are predicting less than an inch of snow are right, so I totally hear you on wanting so see some brighter colors -- if Mother Nature won't give us that, H will!
  12. Do you really need another Evelyne?
  13. +1
  14. Go for an Evelyne in a bright color. I just bought one in rouge casque. Good color for a CT Yankee!
  15. None of us "needs" another bag. Lol! The question is more like, do you want another Everlyn, or this particular Everlyn? If you will not regret not having it, then let it go. Good luck deciding :smile: