Help: One month old Alma hardware start chipping

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  1. #1 Jul 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016

    So I have a month old Alma which I bought retail on May. I been using occasionally on weekends, light usage and last week I notice there is a chip on my gold plated handle hook. It breaks my heart. I'm pretty sure it does not chip due to rough handling. As you can see the leather around the handle is in good condition. I'm pretty delicate with my new bag

    Questions: Is this normal? Is he damage is too little to me to bring it to the store?

    Appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm not too sure what to do. Will there be more chipping in the future?




  2. It's hard to say from the one picture. I would take it into the store and ask a manager what they think.
  3. It is not big. Like 2 big dots. But it is a lot to make me wonder how much chipping will be say after a year. Thank you for your kind reply. I'm afraid to go back to store. My country don't have a culture that protects buyer interest.
  4. I think, even if in your country, there isn't a culture of protecting the customer, it is LV we are talking about. Take it to the boutique and ask politely for help. You said it breaks your heart!
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  5. #5 Jul 11, 2016
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    I went to lv garden in KL and the SA implied it might be due to perfume which I disagree as the venchetta around the handle is fine. The replacement cause approximately usd65 and it takes 3 months! I figure I will wait for more chipping than I replace them! I bought my baby on end of may, it start chipping in a month?! How can the hardware be so fragile?

    I was thinking to buy myself pallas chain, but looking at the amount of gold hardware pallas chain has, i'm like no thanks.
  6. you should insist they replace it, it shouldn't happen in just one month. politely say it is a defect, and it's unfair to expect you to pay for it
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  7. +1
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  8. #8 Jul 11, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
    Thanks ladies. I read in this forum someone have the same problem with her one month speedy. So perhaps it is normal? I think I'll lower down my expectations in regards of the quality. I don't want to wait 3 months for the repair even if it is free. So disappointed & defeated. Thanks for your replies. It is much appreciated
  9. After I saw your post, I checked my 7 month old speedy and unfortunately there is chipping as well and I baby my bags a lot... If it's normal, then I'll avoid anything with a lot of hardware in the future. Maybe you should talk to your SA. When I bought my speedy, they promised should anything happen in the first year they'd help me free of charge because it isn't normal...
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  10. So sorry to hear that your brand new speedy have the same problem. Thanks for sharing. Yes definitely avoid gold hardware in the future. They are so sensitive. My nail polish probably more durable than the gold pleated hardware :mad:
  11. i sold my lightly used and less than one year old speedy b in DE, and after that the buyer complained the hardware chipped..

    as i gave her my receipt, i think somehow she managed to get them to change the hardware in the end i think, as she never called me again.

    i have mentioned in other threads that i think this is a common problem on the hardware of the canvas lines. the coating is simply not durable. frankly now i try to buy only their leather lines. the hardware are more shiny and do not tarnish. at least not that fast
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  12. Idk why I'm so in love with the typical monogram, venchetta and gold hardware combination! I will consider leather line, thank you so much u for sharing. It is good to know what to expect in the future.
  13. you are welcome. maybe buy designs which have minimal hardware?
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  14. Yes. Will find something with lesser venchetta and hardware. Lol.
  15. Thank you!
    I think I'll talk to my SA next time and ask if it's normal and maybe switch to the leather line.

    Do you know if it's the same for the Neverfull? I'd love to have one as it fits my 13" MacBook Air.
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