Help: Onatah (in Aubergine) or Nimbus in Pearl Grey

  1. I've had this dilemma for few days.
    Between Onatah (in Aubergine) and Nimbus in Pearl Grey, which one should I have?
    I love the color and leather of Onatah. I am not quite sure about the strap. I like the picture of Nimbus below.
    I could not have both.

  2. I like the Onatah better. Something about the Nimbus' chunky strap that throws me off...

    What about the Onatah in white? The canvas strip on the handle is white as well so it blends in better.
  3. Nimbus !! I saw a girl carrying it and it was so pretty in person more than its

    pretty in pics!
  4. I like both, but I'm going to say get the nimbus. I think it's divine!
  5. I've always loved the Onatah but never got one. I do, however, have the Nimbus PM in Perle. It is a beautiful bag and I get a lot of compliments on it when I bring her out. I love the way it slouches in Hillary Duff. Mine is smaller and I carry a lot of junk in it so it doesn't slouch as much.

    As for which one? Which one would match your wardrobe better?
  6. nimbus gets my vote...
  7. Another onatah vote here!
  8. Onatah. I have one in Moka Cuir and LOVE it. The leather on on Nimbus looks fantastic but the thick strap really ruins it for me.
  9. I guess it comes down to whether you like gray of purply stuff! I love Purple so I'm partial to the Aubergine! But you have to be happy with your purchase ... good luck!
  10. nimbus! not a fan of the onatah.
  11. Nimbus!
  12. I like the Onatah better! The strap on the Nimbus turns me off.
  13. I like the Onatah...the strap on the Nimbus is funny looking IMO.
  14. Definitely Nimbus! It's absolutely gorgeous and so unique! I want one myself :smile:.
  15. my original suggestion was the onatah , but after seeing that pic of hilary duff with the nimbus it looks just gorgeous!