Help on which hoodie to get?

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  1. Hello, I'm planning on getting one of the Tokidoki hoodies, sorta torn between the "Love me Chief" one and the blue all over print hoodie with the Love Me/Love me Not flowers. Leaning a bit towards Love me Chief, but the short sleeves sorta make me think twice.

    And what's the cut on those? A bit large, a bit small? I know the tees are cut small, but what about the hoodies? Are they comfy/worth it? Do they look as nice as the photos in real life? And one last question (lol sorry!) how are the actual images printed out? Like, if you washed it alot, would it fade/bend/wrinkle? Thanks so much!
  2. I don't know about those particular prints, but if they are the same lightweight french terry as the storm hoody, then they run kinda large. MUCH larger than the tees. All of my XL tees are 17-18" across the chest, so fit 35-36" bust. I ordered the XL hoody and was shocked to find that it's 21" across -- 42" bust. The cut is also very loose and boxy, not tailored at all. I like my hoodies a little looser than my tees -- but not 6" bigger.

    I'm debating whether to exchange it for a large or even a medium :confused1:

    ETA: if someone has a large or medium women's zip hoody and wouldn't mind measuring it across the chest, I would really appreciate it!
  3. I love the chief hoodie with the short sleeves. I wish I had gotten one. But the price seemed steep to me for a sweatshirt so I stayed away.
  4. I have that one, I was grateful it was actually an XL! It actually fit me! (And I'm generally a L or XL on top with my other clothes...not jr sized though)

    so, I'd say that the XL in the chief hoodie is a Misses size XL, not a Jr. size XL.
  5. Man, just reading about hoodies is making me sweat!! Each day keeps getting hotter and hotter here!! And it doesn't help that our preschool is only "cooled" by fans and open windows and screen doors!! By naptime, my back is always sweaty! Blah!! :yucky:
  6. ugh...sorry to hear that...we have air conditioning when it starts to get miserable. I love the hoodie I have was perfect to wear this week...its short sleeve. short sleeve hoodies aren't very common but the best for the kind of weather we have here! That's one of the reasons I got it. I've been wearing it since FEbruary!
  7. I wish we had A/C in our school but our director said the electric bill would be sky high and our non-profit school can't afford it. :crybaby:

    My apartment doesn't have A/C either, but being on the third floor with huge windows, the breeze usually keeps our place cool - except TODAY for some reason!! Maybe because there's no breeze. *lol*

    I love my parents house because they have central air... I loooooooove central air. *lol*
  8. I have the chief hoodie (Short sleeve) and it is super comfortable. they run pretty true to size (I wear a M, L) in the shirts and I think my sweater is a small. It is super cute and I get lots of complements on it.

    It is silk screened on it, but most of the detailing is on a part of the body that wouldnt usually stretch (i.e. the back of the design vs. the chest) so it wont stretch out that way. as far as washing it goes its fine.

    I would get the SS hoodie because I am partial!! :biggrin:

  9. Yuck, same here, I can't even wear my tees anymore, just at evenings. I gotta wear a tanktop and even then I'm hot as hell. I hate sweating. :Push:

    My sister wore the chief hoodie the other day and I was like :sweatdrop:, it looked so warm. :yucky::yucky::yucky:
  10. I kind of want the short sleeve hoodie but it's too expensive IMO... Since I can use a long-sleeve hoodie more I'm partial to the other one. Plus I like zippers because if it gets too hot u can open it and fan yourself (or maybe I'm just a little weird :P) but yeah I'd say pick whichever you think you'd use more often!
  11. hmm. I like the short sleeved one. Just depends on where you live. I think it is perfect for here because even though it can get to 90 degrees, it is dry. But tehlilone made a good point, you can always unzip and fan yourself. hehe.
  12. I think I'll get the short sleeved one, just because it's hot in NY but cold in my classes, but my arms rarely get cold, so, I think the Loves Me Chief is the best. :3 Plus I think it's cuter. X3 Thanks so much for all your help! 8D