Help on wallet on chain: red or pale pink?

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  1. Hi ladies i need some help deciding... I just got a red wallet on chain in chevron last week but i have been thinking about exchanging for pale pink or nude. Nude seems so popular i see it everywhere... And seems to match clothes better?
    What color would be best to match different outfits?
    Would u keep red or exchange for pale pink or nude?

  2. I'd stick with the red!

    Pale pink and nude, though easier to match your clothes with, would be more susceptible to stains and would appear more obvious. Plus, like you said, the nude's more common and you see it everywhere!

    Be different from the crowd! :graucho:
  3. Thanks.. Do u think this is good bag for tall people? Im 5"6 and i feel the chain is too short if i do crossbody
  4. Red will be gorgeous.
    I believe that the purse more suitable to tall people. I'm short (around 155cm) so I need to tie couple cm of chain and tuck inside the bag.😅
  5. When I'm choosing between colors of bags and I can't decide because they're equally fantastic, a little tip from me is to try remembering which bags you have plans of buying in the future, and take those colors into consideration (if you truly want to build a variety of color in your collection, if that's something that matters to you). For instance, you could buy an orange bag; but if you know you're lusting after that iconic orange Hermes Birkin down the road, you make mental notes to avoid buying orange bags until then.

    Personally I'm more of a pale pink girl, I've always been a fan of neutrals. The coated matelasse leather (similar to Chanel's caviar) is surely durable enough and color transfer to the pink isn't as common as you'd think.

  6. Thanks for the tip.. I usually look at what i have in my collection and see what im missing. I have 3 black chanel, bunch of lv, one blue no red or nude. So the decision was to add more color or nude. I endedup with red since i think it adds more color and then i will buy nude in the future. Looking ahead helps... But im currently eyeing the black ysl im embossed croc leather looks so awesome!!!

  7. What a beautiful black YSL, I actually have that exact one in white croc embossed. It's breathtaking! It's deceivingly roomy for its boxy size. I'm victim to too many black bags over the years, so I'm looking forward to expanding colors later. You're so fortunate to have three black Chanels in your collection!
  8. I have not seen it in white...i think size size is compatible to chanel mini.

    you have a lot of black bags also! i have 3 chanel but they are all different sizes in black. WOC, mini, and medium flap got it few years ago before last increase. prices are ridiculous so i am going to just buy YSL instead... prices are much more reasonable.
  9. the croc with silver hardware is beautiful! I'm usually a gold kinda person, but the tassel and chain are really pretty on this one. Looks great with your outfit :smile:
  10. thanks. unfortunately, i don't own it. I was only posing....:P
    i will add to my wish list....but there is this fashion blogger wears it all the time and i love it with all her outfits!!
  11. Yes, I knew you were posing :smile: ...I do a lot of that myself,lol.
    The croc bag is definitely gorgeous though.