Help on wallet decision

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  1. if you had to choose between a chevre rose shocking kelly wallet or a orange croc bearn wallet, which would u pick?

    *the two come out to be slightly the same price since the kelly wallet is coming from H store & the croc bearn is coming from a reseller (the bearn is new, just slightly older date stamp year)*
  2. sorry one more question. which will hold up better in time? chevre or croc? thanks
  3. Kelly wallet all the way
  4. kelly wallet for me!
  5. Picking by colours - rose shocking all the way! :tup: I saw a rose shocking bearn and it's absolutely gorgeous. The orange Kelly wallet I saw didn't sing to me. Not quite sure if that helps since it's opposite to the choices you have.
  6. Rose Shocking Kelly wallet, without a doubt.
  7. rose kelly
  8. if rose shocking kelly wallet what color hardware should I get? I can't decide between phd or gold.

    sorry about all the questions :smile:
  9. Definitely PHW, would look really modern
  10. The rose shocking in chevre will last longer. I had an H croc wallet a few years ago. It lasted about 3 years (not bad), then began to show some wear. I was not patient enough or cared enough to send it to the spa as I was seriously DYING for a new wallet. I use my wallet a lot, opening and closing many times a day (eat too much, drink too much coffee, buy too much candy!), so my wallets really take a beating. Needless to say, I gave it to my sister and she still uses it. I like a totally pristine wallet, so once it starts to show some age, I quickly move onto the next one.

    As for color, I am still with the rose shocking. Such a fantastic color.
  11. Kelly Wallet ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! I would not even think twice!!!
  12. Yum! Rose Shocking Kelly with PHW absolutely beautiful choice! Cherve will hold up very very well..I had a RS cherve Bearn and it was lovely..and very hardy... Best of luck!
  13. Kelly wallet!! I want one!! [​IMG]
  14. Kelly wallet-It will hold more, and it doubles as a clutch. :tup:
  15. I am torn because I like rose shocking chevre a lot, but I much prefer a Bearn wallet to a Kelly wallet. The Bearn wallet is so streamlined and beautifully slim and elegant and it holds just the right amount for me. I find the Kelly wallet not as pleasing visually and the turnlock sticks out if I try putting the wallet in something like a Kelly longue. I also prefer Hermes regular clutches like a KP or KL to a Kelly wallet as a clutch because those hold more.
    If you are indifferent between the two wallet designs, then I would go with the rose shocking chevre.