Help on tote

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  1. Hi ladies - I have a shopping dilemma and need your help :smile: I'm debating between these 3 totes. The color of the first 2 look similar (first one called pale blush and second one is dark beige). What do you guys think? Has anyone seen them in person?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  2. I have seen these totes though in burgundy - I thought the tote was beautiful and very good value. I have not seen the one with the fringes, but i think it looks beautiful (I love fringes).

    Regardless, i think you cannot go wrong with any of these choices!
  3. 2!
  4. Thank you schuhgal and Zucnarf!
  5. I'd go for the blush one. That is such a beautiful shade
  6. The one in pale blush looks gorgeous!
  7. Since it doesn't have feet, I'd be careful when setting it down. Apparently this tote is fairly durable? I feel like the lighter colors look more compelling to me, the cognac seems more mature. With summer approaching, you can't go wrong with the nude or pink!
  8. Thanks for your help everyone! I got to see a couple of the totes today, and they're smaller than I expected (I love big bags), so I'll keep hunting!