Help on tory burch sizing

  1. hi all, I need help on tory burch sizing for the Miller Flat Thong Sandals. I'm a reve flat size 7.5 and a size 6 for Thora Flat Thong Sandals. may I know what size should i choose for the miller flat thong sandals?
  2. I went the half a size bigger than my Thoras, which works fine, but I think I could have gotten away with getting the same size as my Thoras. So I'd say either get same size or 1/2 size bigger
  3. The millers definitely run smaller than Thoras. I wear an eight in the Thoras and nine in the millers.
  4. I exchanged my millers for a 9 same size as my thoras. I wear an 8 in revas my true size.