Help on this tote por favor!!

  1. PP, maybe you can enlighten me as well! I got lucky and my tote I've been eyeing miraculously popped up on bluefly again! Yippie!!:yahoo: But I need to know if the zipper is silver and is the logo gold?? :confused1:


    Anyone have this bag who can answer this by chance or anyone who has seen it IRL?
  2. If thats the current season one...There is BOTH GOLD and SIlver on the bags hardware
  3. That's really cute, the size is really nice!
  4. if it is can make a live chat and ask for you will be sure
  5. Gracias to all who replied! I believe it's both silver and gold like Jill stated.
  6. Sorry! Just saw this. Yes, it's two toned: gold logo and the rest silver & gold! I LOVED that about the Glace.

    If you use the zoom function and get really close, you can see which is gold and which is silver. ;)