Help on this sandal from Neiman marcus website!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I was looking at NM website for Jimmy Choo shoes and it came up with an error message and showed this picture when it said "your request could not be found"

    Any idea which brand and season these sandals are from???

  2. They are Jimmy Choo, but NM online does not sell Jimmy Choo shoes. Bergdorf Goodman does though so that's why it popped up as an error message since they are affiliated with one another. They are from last year and I remember them being on sale at BG.
  3. ^^^ ohhhh thanks!!!

    darn, if anyone sees this available somewhere in a size 35 or even 36, please let me know!!!!
  4. Call the jimmy choo outlet in Woodbury NY Here's the number (845) 928-2324 they may have them as their stock is constantly changing good luck!
  5. ^^thanks for the tip!
  6. Jimmy Choo outlet! have you been there? What ar the prices? Less than the 50% sale pricing?
  7. cute sandal