Help on this 2007 summer wallet please!

  1. I don't know the style name (googled and found this serial number on a japanese site:CH-A34299Y01480-C3659) but any ideas how much it costs? Also do you think it's worth the price? TIA:flowers:
  2. hi!

    i`m not quite an expert, but i have never seen such a style, so maybe it´s something someone made up?

    on the other hand, chanel items always have item numbers starting with an a and a that be the a34299, followed by the material code y01480 (although it`s usually y and then only 4 digits)

    so i`d suggest you to contact one of the london chanel boutiques or the gb customer service and aks for that item number!
  3. Thanx C_24. I just checked the Chanel site and saw that it's from the 2007 Spring-Summer precollection. I'll try calling some London Chanel Boutiques :yes:
  4. I think that wallet is around £450, I remeber the price because I was quite surprised as it was a small wallet.