Help on the name of this Chanel

  1. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted on this awesome forum. My mother gave me this old Chanel bag she has kept over the years. It would be great if any Chanel experts were here to help me ID this bag. The name/type/and when it was d/c...

    Thanks a bunch! :smile:

    ImageShack - Hosting :: imgp4543xm2.jpg
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    It has those hologram things inside on the inside corner of the bag. As well as inside of the inner zipper pocket.

    I hope I posted this on the right section of the forum. hehe :yes:
  2. it looks like an older style lambskin. i guess u can call it classic gold chain, although that style is "outdated" now. is it from the 80's? it looks like it's in good shape, so have fun with it!
  3. Thank you so much Lily & dbt! According to the serial guide...the bag starts with a 1 then a 7. So it maybe late 80's early 90s.

    For a bag made in the 80's it's in great condition. A couple of scratches on the corners. But no major visible ones... :smile:

    It feels great to be back here. This place rocks! Thanks again! :yes: