Help on Speedy!!

May 25, 2006
Hi everyone..I need some help on which bag to get.
I went in to the LV Store to buy the Pochette in the Azur..But when i got there i tried on the Speedy 30 in the Azur and i loved it..But i'm not sure if i such get the Mono or the Azur in the speedy 30?? Or should i get the 25?? What does everyone think about the Azur? I think it's so gorgeous but i think the Mono is so classic..But all my LV bags are the Mono so should i get something different or should i stick with something i can wear all year round?? Help!!

Luva Pug

In a H dream...
Dec 26, 2006
I think you should get the azur. It sounds like you really love the azur so get that.
How tall are you and your build?
Im 5.3 and 8 stone and i have the damier 25, the 30 was just HUGE on me, but then others prefer bigger bags! So i think you should try both the 30 and the 25 and see which one you like!
May 25, 2006
I vote for the azur speedy! I'm about 5'4, 105lbs and I have the azur speedy 25. And although my damier speedy is 30, I found that for the lighter colour, the 25 size better suited me.

I'm about 5.0 and 115 lbs..I'm wondering if the 30 is going to be to big?? When i went to the LV Store i tried the 30 But not the 25 so maybe i should do that before i buy the bag LOL..


Sep 9, 2006
i like mono better, but if you feel like you want something different, get the azur, since you have a lot of mono (i tend to stick with mono, anyway, though, just because it catches me more). i'd get the 30 instead of the 25, just because, if you like the sag of the speedy, the 25 doesn't do a lot of that. i have the 25, in mono and cerises, and am praying for the day that i can get either a 30 or 35.:tender: