help on skin care?

  1. hi, i m a new user. I have very oily skin and prone to acne. It's there any way to improve it without spending too much of money? [​IMG]
  2. Are you looking for mattification?? I recommend you Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion. And Bliss skin care for masks.
  3. There are several different things to do. Do you break out when it is that time of month? If that's the case then it is probably hormonal. I USED to have oily skin until I went and got microdermabrasion done...but that is kinda pricey. Just depends on what type of skin products you use.
  4. I switched birth control (from Ortho Tricyclin) to Yasmin and started using Tazorac (instead of Retin-A.) I went from having *super* oily skin and frequent breakouts to totally normal skin and no breakouts. I believe that a Yasmin prescription is something like $30 per month, and Tazorac is a little pricey ($90ish for a tube) but it does last a super long time. Good luck!
  5. Hey kathy. Go to At the top, click product reviews, then click on most popular on the left. Read up on Aspirin Mask. There are over 900 reviews and I'm sure a couple hundred of them describe the same sort of problems as you. It is also dirt cheap.

    This will help you, but won't solve the problem if your acne is hormonal ( in my opinion)

    Good luck.
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    You could go to The website does recommed some products but I have not used them so I can't endorse them. The website might also give you some advice.