Help on Selling!!

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  1. Hi everyone..I'm not sure if i can post this here so if it's in the wrong Thread if you can let me know..Anyways i have been selling on ebay for a couple of months now..And i just have a question if there is any others that sell on ebay maybe they can help me.. What am i doing wrong here..I listed a marc jacobs multi pocket handbag..And i have listed a couple of time already with a very low price of 300.00 buy it now for a $900 and it's brand new never been worn whats going on..What a deal i think..Anyways i'm not sure if i'm not say or doing the right thing..If someone can please get me some advise.
  2. have you looked in the completed listings to see how much similar bags sold for? what was retail on the bag?
  3. The retail on the bag was 895+ tax ..And yes i looked at the completed listings and the same bags sold for 400.00 and I'm selling it for 100 cheaper..I don't understand.
  4. Do you have multiple photos up as well as details in the description that would give a buyer as to its authenticity (i.e., riri on the zippers, comes with original hangtags which read "[insert what tags say here]", where purchased, etc.)? Part of it is probably that there are so many fake Marc Jacobs sold on ebay and maybe buyers don't have comfort yet that what you are selling is authentic. Have you sold any designer handbags before on ebay? Some of my most valuable feedback that has been left for me on ebay is when someone writes something like "Authentic Gucci bag in excellent condition" or "Authentic Coach bag as described." Do you have any feedback like that which could help you?
  5. Experience has taught me that it's hit or miss with ebay. It's not uncommon to list a bag three or four times before it sells. Not to mention summer sales are slow. It's hard to offer advice without a link to your listing but keep at it and eventually your MJ will sell.:tup:
  6. Yes i have pictures of the bag inside and out..And i have sold all my coach on there i have good feedback..I'm thinking it might be the color of the bag..Maybe people are scared of the berry color LOL..
    Should i lower the price again?? Which i don't want to do that because it's Auth and Brand New and i think 300 is even to cheap for the bag..I even put i'm a tpf member so people know i'm a trusted seller..
  7. Here's what you need to have for a successful auction:

    - a nice, well written description of the bag, it's flaws, your policies regarding shipping & returns, where you purchased the bag, etc.
    - detailed, high quality pictures of multiple angles and multiple locations of the handbag. Some with flash, some without flash, some in natural lighting.
    - a low starting price. Don't even bother with the BIN - when somebody makes a bid it's going to disappear and you'll have to pay for it anyway. Rather, start off your listing at $0.01 with a reserve price.
  8. it could just be timing. . . right now, schools everywhere are letting out for the summer, people are very busy this time of year.
  9. tPF member doesn't always equal recommended & trusted seller.

  10. Thank you i did do a auction with a low starting price and a 350 reserve and i stated in the des. That the reserve is 350..And i had about 15 people watching it..But nothing..And people were bidding but not to the reserve price..Should i maybe relist it at 0.01 and a 350 reserve and not state the reserve price..
  11. That's what I usually do. I always start at 0.01. I don't disclose the reserve price in the listing itself, but I will if a bidder asks for it specifically
  12. Thank you i'll try that and see what happens..
  13. I think the berry color is gorgeous.
    Let us know how it goes.
  14. I know it's a great summer color..I will let you know how it goes..Hopefully it sells.