Help on returning a Chloe Gladys tote

  1. My mother received a Large black Chloe Gladys tote as a gift from a business associate without a gift receipt or any proof of purchase. I know that this bag retails for $2005 and has been on a sale at NM. This bag just really isn't her style and she would like to return but we don't know where it is from and she doesn't want to ask her business associate who she has a really good relationship with and hurt his feelings or whatever lol. Anyway, we went to Nordstroms tonight because that is where he has bought her gifts in the past and they would not return it and gave her such a hard time!! So unlike Nordstroms. So, all that she has is a brand new bag with Chloe tags that she will never use. Does anyone have any suggestions on what she could do? I have read a thread on people who don't bring in their receipts so that their SA won't lose their commision, how would that work? Please somebody help me!!!
  2. I think you will have a very difficult time returning the bag without a receipt (Saks, Nordstroms, NM, etc. have carried Gladys and are not likely to return because they know it could have come from any where really). Best bet may be to try to sell...
  3. You have to have a price tag to return to Nordstroms. I didn't have a receipt or gift receipt but I had the original price tag of the bag (kate spade). They gave me the lowest selling price for that bag.
  4. I read in an article in the paper a couple months ago Nordstroms takes ANYTHING back even without a receipt. Even if you didn't purchase it fro mNordstroms (I know-this is weird. I re-read it 3 times)
  5. Does the Nordstroms that you tried to return carry Chloe? I heard that some of the stores won't take Chloe back if they don't sell it at that particular store .......... there was a similar situation on another thread that the store actually took it back, but shipped it out immediately to another Nordstrom that carried Chloe for the reselling of the bag.
  6. Nordstrom likes to make you believe that this policy exists...but I have first hand proof that this isn't the case in all situations. :Push: No tag, no receipt, but they had record of my purchase in their computers...they would not take a particular Mulberry bag back because the store I went to didn't carry that line. I was peeved beyond belief....:censor:
  7. I definitely feel like they are being more stringent with their policy now that "word" has gotten out that they are supposed to be pretty lenient.
  8. thanks for everyones help! I know that Nordstroms is usually very accomidating to returns without paperwork. This bag still has all the chloe tags, but no department store tags. I was shocked when Nordstroms gave my mom such a hard time and in the end would not return it even for the lowest vaule. This bag is in brand new condition, if I put it on ebay since today is free insertion fees over 50 cents what do you think I should start it at and what do you think I could get for it?