help on purchasing first louis!!!


Dec 26, 2006
hi ladies! im new here and looking to purchase my first LV. this is my first "designer" handbag, and i want a style that's practical and great for everyday use. right now i am looking at the speedy 30 because it seems like its a classic, something i could use forever and for it's size. the only thing im weary about is the handles. i used to have a purse with short handles and my arm would get so tired when shopping because i couldnt put it on my shoulder. i wanted your girls' opinions on what styles you like and think would be a good investment! and if you are a speedy owner, how do you like it?
thanks in advance for all your help!
Hi there! I have a mono speedy 30, and yeah sometimes I dont like th handles! But I love my baby, so I got over it! But really I use it a lot so I don't even nptice it anymore. Maybe you need another style like BH. If you have a store close to you, then you should go and try as many different bags as you can.
Hello and welcome! I have a speedy (mini lin) and I love it. Apparently shoulder straps can be purchased form LV, in mono or vachetta; I recently saw a picture posted here which showed the speedy with the mono strap and it looked good.

My first LV was a batignolles.:heart:
I think the speedy 30 is a great start! You will LOVE it. i have the speedy 25 and while I also adore it I now am wishing I got the 30 instead. It's SUCH a versatile bag. From jeans and a t-shirt to dressing up you will adore your speedy :yahoo:
If you carry a lot of heavy items then your arms (crook) will indeed get really I guess you can carry it by hand (beware that it may lengthen your arm lol), or try the strap....but I think the strap's funny......
I LOVE my two Speedy 25s they are classic LVs and carry alot!!! My 25 holds my wallet, make up bag, camera, cell phone, Ipod, and PDA. The thing is is that when it is full carrying it on my arm does get to be a bit much. I have sensitive skin so the handles leave marks on my arms. BUT like already said looks good and goes with everything!!! Another classic LV that you can carry on your shoulder is the Papillon 30. Good luck!
If you are worried about the speedy, which is exactly why I never use it, I'd say get the Batignolles Horizontal. it is a GORGEOUS monogram bag, which holds alot, and sits on your shoulder. I LOVE IT and Plan on getting it soon!
I carried my Speedy 30 shopping today...not a good shopping bag, because it ties up one arm and is hard to lug around. And I think it was cutting off the circulation in my arm! :cursing:
I think a Speedy is a great start. I have a Speedy 25 Damier. It's fabulous! I guess I don't have trouble with handheld bags is because I don't carry much things with me. My bags are generally light. How about a Soufflot or a Pappillion or a Bedford (??? Vernis line???)? They are great as well. You have the option of carry it on your shoulders.
my trick which somehow not many people know for some reason (i find it funny) is to put a strong cardboard on ur soft speedy base, cut it long so it can bend but only as wide as what speedy wide is

for which speedy, if any1 afraid of the patina getting 2 dirty in the future, for speedy mono, get a new eraser and make sure once a while clean it with that, when u start from beginning, it works for maintainance, u will still get patina, but wont get the dark mark 2 much ...

best is to buy speedy damier, as if the handle get old, u can replace them at a $100+ cost and there is no patina problem at all ... speedy mono handle also can be replace, but then there will be different feeling of brand new handle and the already patina cornering of speedy

hope this helps hun!
you can use the speedy with an additional shoulder strap, I tried it yesterday with my speedy 35 and it worked great although I think this bag isn't meant to be worn like this. I would also suggest an LV backpack. I own the large one, it's very practical and holds a lot of stuff, great if you travel. Batignolles horizontales is beautiful too.
There are many designs available, make sure to check them all out, you will be able to find a bag that it will be comfortable as well as beutiful.
My Speedy 30 (mono) is my favorite out of all my LV bags. It is so classic, is light, beautiful and I don't have any trouble with it at all. I have never had it hurt my arm (I carry the mono porte tresor international, a mono agenda, mono cosmetic bag, cell phone, sometimes a digital, a magazine, and still have lots of room left). It is a really wonderful bag. I can't think of a better LV bag. I've had LV bags for over 10 years; this is still my favorite. I have a Damier Speedy too (for major rain), but I don't love it anywhere near as much as my mono. Welcome to the forum!
I love my mono 30. When I was new to this forum, I read and reread many threads to help decide what LV bag I should buy. There is plenty of information on this forum. Welcome aboard.
Yes, the speedy is a classic bag. I would go for the damier or mini lin if you are really worried about the handles. I have them both and love them. I don't really mind the handheld factor, as shoulder bags often give me bruises (I tend to carry too much stuff in them).

Much more, the speedies are huge - holds lots of stuff but still look elegant! Love them!