HELP on purchasing firs MJ bag!


Dec 26, 2006
hi ladies! im new here and looking to purchase my first MJ bag. this is my first "designer" handbag, and i want a style that's practical and great for everyday use. i like the faridah style in the MbMJ line, but i also love the quilted blake, and elise (can't seem to find the quilted one anywhere! i think its because its an older style?). since you all seem to know everything about his bags, which styles do you think would be a good investment? the quilted blake seemed really heavy, but perhaps i am not used to the weight. i would really appreciate anyone's opinions or experiences with their purchases. thankks!


Mar 1, 2006
Quilted (non-patent) Elise is from Resort 2006 (current season), I have seen it at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Marc Jacobs boutiques.

(actual stores) All the colors are available at MJ boutiques: Black, White Chiffon, Almond, and Topaz. According to Nordstrom's Look Book, their buyer didn't get Almond. Neiman Marcus' buyer didn't get all the colors as well.

(online stores) Eluxury has Black and shoptwigs has Topaz.


May 6, 2006
I think the Elise would make an excellent first bag. It's classy and beautiful. If you don't mind shoulder bags, I really like the multipocket too. It's light and a great size. If you have a Neiman or Saks outlet near you, they usually have multipockets in stock. Sometimes I see Blakes and Venetias there as well.


Dec 3, 2006
I just ordered a Quilted Blake.:yahoo: I looked at the Elise but I thought the Blake would be better at organizing my stuff. I didn't mind the weight, but I can understand how some might consider it heavy. Good luck!!


Feb 4, 2006
I struggled with this decision myself just a few months ago. I ended up choosing the Venetia as my 1st, and I loved it so much that I bought the Blake shortly after! Both of mine are non-quilted, which I personally prefer to the quilted.

I like the Venetia best. I like the style of it best (so sophisticated), and I like that it is wider, but not as deep as the Blake, so it does not stand away from my body as much as the Blake. I also like that the Venetia just has one large compartment, rather than the 3 that the Blake has. I know a lot of people prefer the divided compartments of the Blake, though. I thought the middle strap on the Venetia would bother me, but it doesn't. I just leave it undone most of the time. The Blake is a better shoulder bag. The Venetia is primarily handheld, though it does fit on my shoulder since I'm small, but it's tight.

Since those are the only 2 I own, those are the only ones I can give you a lot of detail about. I also like the Elise, but I did find that they are harder to come by. And I prefer double straps and the "satchel" style, so I didn't really look at the Multipocket, though it is a great bag, too.

MJ bags are heavy - the heaviest I own! But that's not bothered me too much.

Let us know what you decide!


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Jan 2, 2007
This season's Quilted Blake comes in Black, White Chiffon, Almond, and Saddle Brown. According to MJ Look Book, the quilted version is not coming back for Spring/Summer 2007 (next season).
does that mean perhaps they might go on sale soon? i recently saw the quilted blake at the MJ store in vegas, but i couldn't get myself to fork over the $1200+ on the spot. i loved the almond and whisky color they had...