HELP on Price

Dear Ladies,

I just start my obsession on diamond so I have so many things to learn. Couple days ago, my friend offered me her diamond ring. I have been asking some resellers for the estimated price. However, the ranging price is so far apart from one another. So I would appreciate if any of you is generous enough to give me the approximately price (USD) :
Shape : Oval
Weight : 2.5 carats
Clarity : VS1
Color Grade : E
Polish : Good
Symmetry : Good
Flourescence : Strong Blue
GIA Certified


Jul 16, 2007
I'd visit and ask the experts there for their opinion. The cut is one of the most important aspects of a diamond's price and you don't have any information on that listed here. You'll need a photo of this oval (at the very least) to determine how well it's cut. One of the key determinations for an oval is how pronounced the "bow tie" effect is.