Help on Papier!

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  1. Guys, i need help. What size is this and the color? Are the straps adjustable?
    I've always been a city girl but im currently looking for baby pink shade color with a good deal price. Any feedback for this bag?

  2. Hi sexyladyyy! I'm pretty sure that pic is a Papier mini A4 zip around ( some do not have zipper on both sides) from the proportion in your pic it looks like a mini A4 (not mini A6) size... I'm attaching a pic of my mini A4 zip around. The strap has multiple holes to adjust length. I ️mine. It's an open top ( not a zip top or magnet) so you have to be ok with that as I know some folks have security concerns & do not like an open top like this. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468442125.650053.jpg I bought mine brand new this spring season from mytheresa website. Good luck!
  3. Thanks so much! Yep, I need to convince myself that open tote is okay.
  4. In addition to Kendie's info I will say that it's calfskin and it will be very durable, I have it in the largest size A3 and leather is amazingly soft!