Help on paddington ASAP

I personally think that this auction is risky, in light of the fact that this person is new. I don't own a paddington, so you should wait for some of the other people on the forum to respond.
i smell a fake - the letters in the 'chloe' stamped on the leather on the lock look too tall and the metal looks too shiny - it should be nice and matte.
I think it looks fake as well, I would not risk it. The person may make the bag sound good but it doesnt look right to me. They are fairly possible to get now, the metallic is available for sure and stores and online stores will be getting some soon. I would wait for the real thing.

Welcome to the forum!

Personally, I think buying anything off eBay is risky, especially if you don't know who you are dealing with. For example, I have seen fake LV bags claiming their "authentic" and the sellers have received 100% positive feedbacks, too. Remember the old adage, "if something is too good to be true, it probably is."

Your best bet is to buy your Paddy from a reputable retailer such as Neiman Marcus. Yeah, you are paying retailer but at least you won't have to second-guess its authenticity or go through the hassle of eBay or PayPal on getting your money back when you discover its a fake.
That is soooooo fake. The serial number is wrong! The leather tag with the number should be light beige also....$500?!!!!.....Please:evil:
the chloe on the key is too big. but man, they are getting really good at making fakes! quite scary. the bag is beige, not black. that's all i can tell.