Help on next purchase - Twiggy? Box? Color?

  1. Hi ladies! Can you give my your input please? I have the opportunity to purchase one of the three following bags (just one! :sad: ). My choices have been narrowed to: 05 apple green twiggy (mint condition), 07 greige box, or 07 origan box (both new). Price is about the same for each of the three bags.

    My current collection: City: 05 magenta, 05 apple green, 05 dolma, 05 rouge theatre, 07 greige and 07 natural (which may be going back), and an adorable 05 silver box.

    Which should I choose? Kind of narrowed it to the apple twiggy or the greige box...

    Thanks for your input! :smile:
  2. Flipflop! You need a Twiggy! But do you want to duplicate colors? If not, get the origan box. Otherwise, I vote for Apple Green Twiggy. It's a great style.
  3. Apple green twiggy
  4. I love apple green:love: but you aready have that color.....and you already have a griege
    Go for the origan then ! Or forget it and wait for a color that you REALLY want, kwim ??
  5. :yes: I agree, I need a Twiggy! I really want one! Since my collection is mainly city bags I am thinking I should diversify. Get the apple green Twiggy and sell my apple green city.

    What to do????:confused1:
  6. ^^^That's an option !
  7. I love APPLE GREEN. I think you should go with the twiggy,a lovely style. I know thats what i would choose!!!

  8. :yes: I agree with the Twiggy vote, but have you seen one in person yet? Lots of gals love them, but a small percentage find the style too long. I was one of the small percent, and was heartbroken when I had to sell a mint 05 Turq Twiggy because I didn't like the style. But if you have seen or had a Twiggy and you love it, then go for the Apple Green Twiggy!!! But 2nd vote is for the Origan Box! Don't forget to share pictures of whatever you choose!!!
  9. Where did you find an origan and greige box!?!?
    I am dying for one of those!
  10. Me too - I would love a Greige box :love:
  11. without a doubt the apple green Twiggy!
  12. My vote is for the Apple Green Twiggy! Although you can't go wrong with any of those choices!:smile:
  13. Origan box since you have apple green and greige in your collection.:yes: Let us know what you decide.
  14. So my family ended up w/all three bags! :shame:

    BalNY - I did end up taking their last greige box, sorry! :sad: The greige is actually a gift for my sister and my mom ended up taking an origan. They do have one more origan box available, though. Hope I get to borrow these bags from mom and sis once in a while!

    Apple green twiggy, here I come! :yes: Probably going to have to say goodbye to my apple green city! Will wait until I see if I like the shape of the twiggy, think I will!

    Thanks, all, for your input! :winkiss:
  15. Apple green twiggy!