Help on my next purchase......

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  1. I need help with my next purchase. I finally saved some money to be able to purchase a high end of Louis Vuitton. The problem is I want a bag that will be still in style in the next years. The one that will not go out of style and would be a good addition to my collection. As of now I am choosing between the Vernis Alma MM in Pomme d'amour/ Beige Poudre, Brea GM in Rouge Fausvite and Lock it Monogram in GM. I like structured bags and not much into hobo. If you have any recommendations aside from the ones I mentioned that would be very helpful. I hope to hear from you girlies. Have a good day!
  2. I vote for the Brea :smile:
    With the shoulder strap, it is a versatile bag IMO.
    Good luck deciding!
  3. Brea is soooo beautiful and classy. And shoulder strap is big plus!
  4. I vote Brea. I just got the Brea MM in Epi Electric. The GM is gorgeous but just a little too big for me since I really wanted it for evening use - thus little dresses and stilettos so a big bag would have been just too disproportionate for me. For a daytime bag, the Brea GM in a Vernis would be gorgeous.
  5. I vote between the alma and the brea. What other bags do you have in your collection? Because the alma is only handheld while the brea you could wear crossbody. Also to know what you already have so I can give a suggestion that would give you more versatility :smile:
  6. well I do have Galliera Mono PM, Fleur de Jais Speedy, Keepall 45 Damier Ebene and Speedy 35 Azur
  7. Brea would be a nice addition to your collection, as a crossbody one :smile:
  8. Brea is goooooorrrrrggeeeouss!!!
  9. And the brea. I've seen the alma and real life in the beige poudre and I was immediately drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It was gorgeous!! And, we all know the Alma style isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. Brea!
  11. Alma because you have 2 speedys so can manage handhelds very well. Alma is more classic. Get it in the yummy pomme so that color transfers arent as visible (as in beige poudre).
  12. In this case I vote for the brea. Most of your bags are handheld so having a crossbody option would be great. Plus the brea is great for evening use as its not as casual as your speedies.
  13. I will say get the Alma in Pomme, it's a great statement bag. I don't really like Vachetta with Vernis and I don't know if you'd actually use the cross body option. If you were going for Epi, it would change my vote. Also, for the price, I don't know if the mono lock it is worth it.
  14. Def brea!
  15. Pomme Alma! If you get it you won't regret it!

    Its so pretty!