Help On My New Purchase !

  1. I think I will ask a friend to get a Chanel bag for me overseas, I really liked the re-issue ones that's sold out everywhere, I think i will ask him to buy the Classic 2.55. My question is , how many sizes do they have for the classic 2.55? and is there anyone out there that wants to sell their classic 2.55 ?

  2. For the re-issue 2.55, there are various sizes. I prefer the jumbo. I don't have that one, but it would suit me for everyday and the chain is beautiful!. I say hang on to purchasing it, cuz this summer, they have NEW ones coming out! Unless you are dying to get one now now now =) Oh, and if you look at the WTS forum, someone is selling her gray reissue! Good luck!
  3. from what i can tell, the classic 2.55 comes in the following sizes:

    mini - 1 chain only

    correct me if i'm wrong
  4. You're right on those sizes! I just picked up the medium grey 2.55 re-issue which I exchanged for the small black one at the San Francisco Neimans so unless someone was right behind me at the store, there's a beautiful small one just waiting for you if you call tomorrow! Ask for KUMI who is my SA there and tell her that you want the black re-issue that Donna brought back on Thursday. If it's still there, I'm sure she'd send it to you. The price was I THINK about $1,875.00.

    The 2.55 re-issues are just beautiful and I fell in love with them because of their soft leather, mademoiselle lock and wonderful chains. These are also marked on the inside flap, 2.55 and then 2005 to mark the anniversary bags (if this is an important feature for you) the new re-issues don't have those markings.