Help on my new Mono French Purse. My first LV wallet.

  1. Hi All you LV Experts! :tup: I was just in Paris and bought my first LV wallet. A Mono French purse. It was $523 U.S. plus my VAT rebate which will bring it to about $470. ANYWAY! The wallet is stiff and bulky. Please tell me that it will calm down and be more slimming as the wallet gets broken in. It is currently too chunky.
    Also, my dollars just bunch up in the bill fold part and when I take one out, they all come out. Will that too ease up?
    Please HELP me love this wallet...because it isn't happening! Thanks! :supacool:
  2. Congrats on the wallet. I don't have a French wallet, hopefully someone who owns one will help you love your wallet.
  3. Anyone out there who can help???
  4. Ladies -- I have decided I do not LOVE my new French purse! It is too clunky, stiff. The money rattles about in the large change purse. Who would have thought? Any suggestions on the next LV wallet I buy? Can't afford to make these kind of mistakes! I thought the French purse would be classy and perfect -- easy to get to the cards, the cash, the money. But helas...
  5. Congrat's on the new wallet! Yes , with use the wallet will become softer. If you're not liking that you're bills are folded i'd go with the PTI or pochette wallet :smile: :tup:
    Plus I find that if your bills arent folded you'll fit more in your wallet and will be less bulky.

  6. I have this wallet and LOVE it. It will loosen up with use. As for the change compartment, try putting a name card inside, it will stop the rattling. Sometimes, I place a few small bills inside as well if I don't have many coins inside.
  7. I don't have a french wallet but I'm pretty sure it will become more broken in with use as pretty much any louis item!
  8. It will breck in with use.
  9. I have one in Vernis and it loosened up too much. Now when I open it up my cards fall out. :sad:
  10. I have the Monogram Canvas Porte-Trésor International and LoVe it! Mine has definitely softened up over the years, so you may want to give it some time.
  11. It will definitely soften up! It just takes some use!!
  12. I am sorry you do not love your new wallet. I would try to use it for a while I am sure it will get better as you use it.