Help on my first LV bag, please!

  1. Finally, I am getting my first LV. So, I need some imput. I am 5'4", size 0-2, 31. I am looking for an everyday bag. Soon we will start a family. This bag will probably be end up using as a diaper bag for a while. So far, I come up with the following choices:Batignolles vertical, Cabas Piano, Cabas Messo or Epi Noe in red. I am open to anything that have shoulder straps. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Personally, I would get the BH. From the choices listed my vote would go to the Cabas Mezzo.
  3. i like the Batignolles Horizontal. it's very roomy, and the handles are very comfortable :yes:
  4. the Mezzo. The Piano is quite small for a diaper bag IMO.
  5. I vote BH too!!!
  6. I'm only 5 ft 98 lbs. but I love the BH.
    its not structured so more comfortable,
    its wide and easy to get into your things,
    it looks great!
    I also used it as a diaper bag
    and put everything in different pouches
    to be more organized.
  7. your case, I would get the BH (BV is a tad too small, at least, from what I've seen IRL)...then the Cabas Mezzo...then the epi noe. ;)
  8. I like BH too myself. Any thoughts on Noe?
  9. ^I think the Noe would make a great diaper bag, but it's unstructured and there are no pockets to keep things organized (not sure how you like that). I don't think it holds as much as the BH or Cabas Mezzo, though (I could be wrong as I do not have these bags). Plus you might find this as a "bottomless pit" LOL (I love my Noe, btw, don't get me wrong). If you decide to get the Noe, get the Large, not petit modele.
  10. Good pionts.Thank you. I agree with BH>Mezzo>Noe
  11. BH is nice, but mezzo is a bit more roomy...the epi noe would be nice, no vachette to worry about :smile: But I agree you would probably need a purseket, or similiar organizer.
  12. Does EpI leather ten to scrach a lot?
  13. I vote for the BH - I know - it's not listed - but is roomier and cuter than the BV.
  14. Actually, from what I hear, it's very durable...?:shrugs:
  15. Mezzo!!!