help on looking for a big breed puppy that's affectionate!!

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  1. HI gals.

    I'm looking for a puppy that's a big breed but my number one requirement is that he/she is affectionate. I was just browsing at the mall earlier and stumbled onto a puppy shop. I hung out with the most adorable marley, lab retriever puppy. He was very hyper, rowdy and nipping at me at first but I got him to calm down using some cesar milan's tips. He got used to me and fell asleep on my lap and was so affectionate! I want him so bad (he's 8 weeks old) and costs $1300.

    I didn't purchase him because I heard horror stories about for profit pet shops and their link to puppy mills.

    Can anyone recommend me a large puppy breed that's affectionate or breeders in California? How much will they go for @ a breeder? I rarely ever see lab puppies @ shelters I go to.


    Also, I'm still debating if I should get marley from the shop.
  2. Please do not buy a puppy from a pet store. As long as people do that they will continue operating and the inhumane treatment of dogs will continue.

    A good place to look at different breeds is

    From there, you will find breed-specific clubs. The clubs often have breeder recommendations and can refer you to reputable rescue groups. Sadly there are scammers even in the rescue business.

    If you go the way of a breeder, you want to find a breeder who shows their dogs and does ALL the proper health testing. Most reputable breeders will not sell their dogs for under $1k and only have a litter or two a year. These people are not making money by breeding. They rarely even break even with all of their costs. Good breeders are generally showing dogs and only breeding to further the good lines of their parents.

    Meet your breeder. Visit him or her. Make sure he/she raises the puppies in the home.
  3. I agree, please do not go to a pet store. I would also check rescues. They're also really sweet and affectionate dogs that need homes there.
  4. you can try are some breeders there and you can make a trip to see how they raise their puppies/dogs.
  5. +2

    The best way to meet a breeder is by attending dog shows and by participating on breed specific forums.
    You need to research all the pros and cons to each breed. They all have cons.

    If you are looking for affectionate, the mastiff and boxer breed come to mind. They are both completely devoted to their human family and thrive on human contact. The mastiff is more laid back and even tempered, boxers are high energy and are funny as all get out! :lol:
    I've have both. I raised two boxers and now that I'm older, raising a mastiff. I didn't have it in me to raise another boxer. They are really spring loaded!
  6. I also recommend a breed rescue - thing is, the dogs may be older, but I got my Aussie from one, he was already 3-4 years old and the rescue told me all about his temperament and quirks. If you aren't 100% on getting a pup, a dog 1-2 yrs old will save you the trouble of potty-training and all that good stuff :smile:

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  7. Please don't buy from a pet store, they get their dogs from puppy mills. I would go to the breeder's house and see where/how they raise their dogs. Ask questions, meet the pup's parents. Good luck!
  8. NO to pet stores, everyone, puppy mills are torture
  9. I've checked out some rescues today...I actually seen a couple that I'm interested in, now I just have to consult with the cats....:graucho:

    Breeders are more expensive but I spend way more on nonliving bags!
  10. My sister lives in Cali and got her sweet boy from a breeder in Monterey. Not sure where in Cali you are exactly. He's a Bull Mastiff and her bosses have actually gotten two of their dogs from the same breeder and have never had any health problems with them. I am normally a pound puppy kind of girl (that's where we got our two pups from) but if we were to ever get another dog I would definitely shell out the money to get a Mastiff from these people.
  11. :P Good reasoning! Let us know how it goes with the cats. ;)
  12. Reputable breeders are more expensive, BUT you are getting a dog that was bred for the betterment of the breed plus lifetime support. It's great to have the support when you need it.:smile:
  13. Yes, because they are not pumping out litter after litter after litter while keeping their dogs in horrible conditions with little to no medical care like puppy mills.
  14. I agree- NO puppy stores! Check out petfinder and rescues. I've gotten a few dogs from rescues and they've always been the best.

    But, as far as breeds go-I'd say a Golden Retriever. I grew up with them and still have them and they are the BEST dogs ever. So sweet and affectionate!
  15. I also say to stay away from the puppy stores.

    I have a 5 year old yellow lab that I got from a local breeder who is also a friend. Labs are super sweet and my baby is very affectionate. As puppies, they chew on anything and everything but are such great companions. He still acts like a puppy and just loves to play. Labs tend to be hyper even after puppyhood.

    We also have a 5 year old St. Bernard that we rescued from Animal Care & Control 3 years ago. Now if you want a super sized "lap" puppy this is the way to go. Daisy thinks she the size of a chihuahua and loves to sit in your lap. She is very affectionate and is really sweet but doesn't know her own size. She is more mellow than the lab but will still have her moments where she wants to play.

    Years ago we had a golden retriver that we had from 8 weeks of age until 12 years. Goldens are very sweet and loyal and very intelligent. He loved to play and was a lot of fun but a little less hyper than the lab.

    I think the rescue route is a good way to go. I've rescued a few dogs. The only experience you miss is the early puppy stages, but it was nice to be past the potty training and chewing age. In my experiences, the bigger dogs tend to big cuddlers and sweet and loveable. Guess that doesn't help you narrow the choice!

    Good luck with your search and can't wait to see pics.