Help on locating a Speedy Eden..

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  1. Hello! Yesterday I visited my Louis Vuitton and was told that the US is only getting 140 bags from the eden collection in the speedy and that they were not receiving any. This morning I have been calling around today trying to find a Speedy Eden in the peach. I have been given so many mixed answers from the sales associates- I am so confused! Can anyone tell me if they have seen one in the boutique that is available for purchase? Has anyone seen either color in person? Is it that limited of only 140 speedy bags?
    It looks like I am going to have to buy without seeing it first. I was leaning towards the silver/argent but now I am leaning towards the peach. Any info or thoughts on the colors or availability would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. can you post a picture??
  3. I saw the whole collection this past Saturday at an event in Dallas. The peach was my favorite in the Speedy. I asked the SA to put my name on the list for it. I don't believe they had come into the boutique yet. I asked her if there were a lot on the wait list and she said she would make sure mine was at top or near it. I'm not sure what that means but she's been very good about calling me when something arrives. I'll e-mail her again and see what the status is and how limited they are and get back with you on this.
  4. Thank you so much! I called around today with no luck or information. I am shocked at how many reps have no idea what I am talking about and then try to correct me! It is so frustrating. I wish I could have seen what they look like! Was the silver too harsh against the canvas? Was the peach more neutral or a stand out pink? Did the speedy 25 look small? I am used to big bags and going to the 25 makes me nervous. So sorry for all the questions!Thank you so much for any info!
  5. The silver wasn't to harsh at all just not the same "wow factor" that the peach and the Khaki had imo. The size is actually bigger than a 25 more like a larger 30 in size. The only difference is instead of it being 11.8" across (or long) like the ave 30 speedy, this one is 11.4, but the height of the Eden speedy is taller, like nearly an 1 1/2 taller, the depth is exactly the same, so overall it's bigger and felt bigger to me. The peach looked more like a soft rosey color, not sure why it's called peche/peach, even my SA said the same thing. I hope you do get to see this IRL so you can decided. I'll let you know something when I find out.
  6. Thanks for the description I really hope I like the peach because..... I JUST BOUGHT IT!!!! I called the 1-866 number again and the rep said there was 1 in the US in the New York Saks. I really hope I made the right choice in getting the peach. I paid for 2 day shipping via fedex. I thought it would get to Chicago by Saturday but the rep said Monday? I have no idea how I am going to wait until monday!!!
  7. OOOH congratulatons, can't wait to see it!
  8. Me TOO!!! I am way too excited. I just called and asked for the tracking info, they could not give it to me(I thought that was strange) but he did say it would not arrive on Saturday. I will have to wait until Monday-until then I will drive myself crazy looking up pictures of the silver and peach debating if I have made the right choice!