Help on how to find super sales

  1. :confused1: Can someone please explain, in real English, plain and slow, how certain of you ladies find bags on sale at NM, that most of us can't access?
    I have read the previous explanations about "bookmarking," or something and have no idea what you are talking about.
    You ladies who do know the secret, and make posts of these amazing, not-able-to-be-found-by-the-normal- person, handbags, we all thank you for sharing your "insider information" in this forum. :heart:
  2. Hi Tropical Gal-when they post the link and you click on it-just open your favorites folder and click on add. Then whenever you want-you can go to your favorites-click on it and see if the bag is back in stock again.:yes:
  3. what is the favorites folder -- you mean on my favorites of websites?
  4. If you use internet explorer it's called Favorites if you use Mozilla Firefox it's called Bookmarks you just click the drop down menu and the first option is add for both internet browsers then you can go back to it whenever you want even if it is longer listed on the website.
  5. so you have to do favorites on each particular bag? I thought they have special section that we can't find :biggrin:
  6. Thank you ladies. It is very simple -- but it seemed so complicated!
  7. but this means that there are probably great bags available but if no one bookmarked it, it will never be seen and we'll never know! I have to say- life was different when they would pop up on the NM and BG sale page- i think i used to refresh like every minute
  8. It's like they're trying to hide the bags or something. :confused1:
  9. gosh..not only bags, but the shoes are gone too. i used to get great deal on some pradas, now i can't find them :shrugs: :shrugs: