help on hermes!

  1. I recently bought a hermes birkin bag on eBay and found out it was fake!! I took it to a hermes retailer and they told me the news. I filed a claim on paypal and now they want me to provide details of it being fake. I went back to the hermes dealer and they told me they do not give out any statements unless I have a receipt? Is there a way I can prove to paypal that it is fake??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. first off sorry you ended up with a fake bag! i know it sucks.

    as for proving it's a fake, you can try MyPoupette or caroldiva. i know they authenticate LV, Prada and various other brands.
  3. Carol Diva typically only authenticates LV and vintage. If you pay her fee by PayPal and she can't authenticate it, she will refund you and send you an email letting you know. I believe she only charges $5.00 for an authentication (at least she did last time I used her). You may have to go with MyPoupette, who is more expensive, but I know they will authenticate other designers. Either one will send you a statement of non-authenticity that you can use for your PayPal claim. Best of luck! :smile:
  4. OMG! How much was the bag on eBay? that's terrible. and Hermes wants a receipt? give them you paypal/eBay auction end receipt, and you can also do a charge back on your credit card (There may be a time limit) call you credit card issuer.Good Luck!!!!!!
  5. You can try posting it in the authenticate this hermes thread in the hermes subforum...they will authenticate but they will not list the reasons why its fake. You can also use SandiaExchange's free ebay guide (its a penny listing) to figure out what's fake about the bag by comparing her pics to your bag...

    A corporate Hermes store will usually never authenticate and never will provide you with anything in writing, Paypal should know this by now...and even if they do, they still ask you to obtain whats basically the impossible.