Help on heatstamp..


where should I put the initials ?

  1. number 1

  2. number 2

  3. number 3

  4. number 4

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  1. I plan to take my PTI to boutique for heatstamping..
    Can you guys help me to decide where to heatstamp it..
    Whice one better NM or NHM [​IMG]
  2. I like spot number 2 and NHM.
  3. ditto. I had the initials of my first and last name heatstamped for my Le Fab bag and I have to say, it looks funny. They could only fit 2 initials:sad:
  4. I like all 3 initails!
  5. #2:love:
  6. #2 and NHM in GOLD!!!!!!
  7. I just got this wallet, and #2 would be perfect!!
  8. #2, all three initials!
  9. I don't know if it's possible at #2 since there is a snap button'll be hard for them to do it...I'd like # 3 the best
  10. i voted number 4 and go with NHM! oh yeah - totally go for GOLD!
  11. Yea, they probably won't do #2, not sure about #3 either. They use machines to stamp them. So it has to fit into a small slot. I like #4 the best.
  12. I like 4 the best with all three initials.
  13. I vote for no. 4
  14. LOL..true !!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: