Help on Gucci bag

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  1. Hi guys,

    Am totally in love with this bag I was just wondering if anyone knew if its likely to be in the sale when and for how much. Also If the website has a sale online so I can buy it from there instead of going to the boutique..

    Thank you..


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  2. Sorry in all my excitement forgot to mention that I live in uk so any info about the gucci sale in uk please
  3. you can place your contry in your Profile

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  4. malika123, I'm hoping this bag will also go on sale! I love it and really want it too! I'm inclined to think that it will because it is a seasonal bag and not a regular one.
  5. i :heart: the gold metallic trim!
  6. I love that bag too! I think that's going to be my next gucci bag to buy, but I was thinking about waiting until July/August... I hope it'll still be available by then. Oh so it's a seasonal bag huh? Hmmm, do you know when the bags for fall/winter season will be out?
  7. peevenjo i know isnt it just gorgeous I just love it cant wait to finally own it..

    Any ideas when the Gucci sale is on here in the UK anyone?????????
  8. ^^It is a beauty! When I first saw it I had to have it! I've been obsessed with it and have gone to the stores to keep trying it on and looking at it! Did you check out val_twig's thread? Maybe you can call your store to see if it will be around the same time as the US? :tup: