Help on finding the perfect purse!

  1. Hi all! I am wanting to get this purse (well, I am asking for it for my birthday!) and I am not sure if it is everything I want and more. lol Does anyone have this purse? How big is it? I don't really want too small of one..Thanks for your help!
  2. I don't have one, but all the pouches are small in my opinion... I guess it depends on what you carry with you on a daily basis?
  3. I agree with mayaexquisite, all the pouches are small. They're more like large make-up bags/travel bags rather than a purse. I don't carry much and the pouches are too small for me. I also think that pouch is expensive for the size bag you are getting. I'd rather pay $20 more and get a small ergo hobo or small Chelsea hobo.
  4. It's pretty small, but most people have their own definitions when it comes to sizes. Two cons about this purse(for me anyway)a. I don't really like the patchwork and b.the handle can't fit that well on my shoulder.
    It just depends on how you're going to wear it, so I'd try it on at a store just to be sure.
  5. For me, this would have to be a cosmetic bag or a night out bag. Its too small for daily use. I have seen some really cute pouches though and may pick one up at the outlet. Do you carry a lot of stuff?
  6. i have a pouch. i cant fit my wallet, phone, keys, lipstick and card holder in it. they fit a lot really, but it isnt an every day bag for me bc it doesnt go over the shoulder
  7. My best friend has this one and it is big enough to hold your wallet, cell phone, and a lipstick and such. However, if you want something that can be worn this may not be it. The bleeker duffle pouch can be worn depending on your comfortablity. I petite so most of the stuff fits around my arm and looks okay.
  8. this is great for just running small errands or shopping at the mall. It doesn't hold alot of things but it's a great little bag, I like it!!
  9. I have last year's holiday patchwork pouch, and I love it when I'm running quick errands. I can fit my cell phone, wallet, pen, notepad, chapstick, wipes, etc. in it.

    It is a handcarry bag, though, so you really can't wear it over the shoulder. Some pouch designs will use extenders.

    I use it as a 'boost bag' in a larger tote ( I have the matching holiday patchwork 06 shoulder tote), and I just take it out during those times I need to run quick errands. As a daily bag, I'd put the money toward something a bit larger and that can fit over your shoulder.

    Hope this helps!