help on finding a patent leather black bag

  1. Hey. I've been trying to find a really cute black patent leather bag. I prefer satchel styles. Hobos are cute, too. I really don't like totes. I'm a college student, so I'd love to keep the price around $300. I'm usually a Betsey Johnson lover, but I've been hoping to find some new, not very well known designer. If anything comes to mind to anyone, I'd love to know! Thanks!
  2. There's a Luella black patent bag on Net-a-Porter on's not in your budget, but it's a VERY stylish bag.....and maybe worth a stretch....:smile:
  3. I just bought a Gerard Darel 24 heures bag in black patent leather ... love this bag, using it right now! Some NM stores still might have it in stock and it should be on sale. Here's my GD:heart::
  4. [​IMG]

    Francesco Biasia "Secret Love" flap patent shopper on SALE at Nordstrom from $ $232.90.

    Hope it helps,

  5. Black patent leather. James Piatt. Only $75. :biggrin:
    Hmm.. This might be a bit different from what you're looking for, though...but you'll feel safe on campus!!
  6. ^^that james piatt bag is bad a$$.

    that bag is TDF! It's seriously making me rethink buying the coach patent ergo.

  7. Coach Black patent Ergo!!! Love that bag
  8. There's also the Francisco Biaisa Femme Fatale $199 on
  9. Great pics, I like the francesco b. one.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's the Longchamp Legende, which will be coming out soon. I saw the Medium size, and it was just completely adorable. The price point was pretty reasonable too! (about $500)
  11. Here is a cute satchel from the Target Rafe line. It's on eBay, just search "Target Rafe"
  12. I wanted a black patent bag and got the Mby MJ Kingpin Forbidden shopper at Bloomingdales for about $260, during their private sale and I LOVE it!

    It has the softest black patent leather and is great for traveling. I can post pics later.