Help on Different Betty Styles

  1. bought my Betty at NM on sale a few months ago. I believe it is a large one because I decided to only use for traveling, and I Love big bags! Do some Bettys not have the ring and leather on the zipper pull? Mine doesn't have the rings. Yesterday from BG I purchased another Betty on sale, and it wasn't pictured with rings either. Is it just another style?:confused1:
  2. Some definitely have rings and some don't....
  3. I have a first season betty from SS06 (I think, might even have been FW 05:shrugs: ). Anyway that has the gold rings on the zipper pulls. I also have a brand new SS07 Betty and that is the same - gold rings on the zips pulls :yes:

    Last season though (FW06) the Betty's didn't have the rings, instead they just had the silver "Chloe" zip pulls. So the bag you have and are looking at must be from last season I guess :yes:

    Definately still a Betty and definately still gorgeous ;)
  4. Thanks so much for your responses! I like the added rings, but I still love them without. Just wanted to make sure that they were made that way :smile:
  5. BGV7574_mn chloe.jpg Here is the bag I purchased