Help on diamond stitch flap???

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  1. Hi,

    For all you DS owners, do you know if the flap bag comes in two sizes. Does anyone know the dimensions. Your help is very much appreciated.
  2. The one you are watching right now is the smaller version. A lot of people actually prefer the smaller version because it sits more comfortably on shoulder. The smaller version retails for $1650 so it is a very good deal even at the buy it now price. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Baobaobeibei, I'm still thinking about it, I'll let the forum know what happens.
  4. I don't even think the large one is available anymore..I have the smaller version and love it..Here's a few pics....
    chanel diamond stitch 009 (2).jpg chanel diamond stitch 013 (2).jpg
  5. looks great on you Emmy.
  6. Thanks emmy, I was trying to leave a msg on your thread yesterday but the forum crashed. Anyways your bag is great. Can you tell me how roomy it is for everyday use, does it easily hold a wallet, sunglasses, keys, mobile phone etc.
  7. Syma Younus
    Am in London UK and I couldn't find any diamond stitch bags. I have asked the sales but they said they haven't got any.
    Have you seen any diamond stitch bags in UK?
  8. emmy your DS looks great on you :smile: what kind of leather is the DS? does it scratch easily or is it like the caviar ?
  9. I haven't seen any diamond stitch in the UK either. I asked at the boutique and Selfridges and they said that this collection was actually called VINTAGE and was around last season. My friend bought a similar flap bag last August in Harrods for over £900 in brown and told me that the boutiques didn't even get any stocks of the DS flap. It sucks that Chanel stocks need to be so varied from store to store.
  10. The DS leather is quite similar to caviar and I don't think it will scratch easily. I think the leather is quite similar to the leather cabas's slightly distressed and vintagy looking. Sorry to reply on your behalf Emmy.
  11. Thanks luvcouturenmore, I did get it off eBay for $1199, just waiting for it to arrive now.:yahoo:
  12. congrats:yahoo:
    And Don't forget to post the pictures:nuts:
  13. ^Hey no prob!!! I agree w/ what you said about the isn't 'pebbley' like the caviar but it is very durable..It is kinda distressed looking but not overly distresed..It's kind of hard to is gorgeous and keeps it's structure..The dimaond stitch is not on the back of the the part that touches your body so you won't have to worry about any stitches coming out...

    ...As far as what it will hold....more than what you think, but I don't overstuff my bags ever...I use a small wallet when using this it I carry my cellphone, small makeup pouch and credit card case..there would be enough room for sunglass case but I don't keep mine in there...oh and of course keys...

    I hope you get it..I like this bag b/c it's unique and screams Chanel in a classy way..Let me know if you have any other questions or need more pics!!!

    :p Thanx everybody for your compliments!!!:p