Help on determining size of partial refund

  1. Hi all,

    10 days ago I won an auction on a Burberry trenchcoat. I payed $139, received it in excellent condition and have had great communication with the seller all along. But suddenly I noticed that the buckles are plastic and not leather as Burberry always makes. I have a feeling the coat is allright but the straps around arms and waist have been replaced with straps from another coat, definitely NOT a real Burberry - the stitching is also all wrong on straps but correct on coat.

    It fits perfect and I'd like to keep it, but as I'm in Europe and the seller is in US it would cost me a fortune to send it back so I suggested we settle the case with a partial refund, as I will have to find a way to replace the straps, perhaps contact Burberry and check with them if it's possible to buy straps and belt = major cost for me.

    The question is now, what would you think would be a reasonable refund? She stated it as 100% authentic - but to me that should include the entire coat, including straps. And I would certainly have expected her to mention it in the auction if belt/straps have been replaced by something non-Burberry.

    Hoping for some help!!
  2. Are you sure the coat is authentic? It sounds kind of odd to me that the straps and belt would be replaced.

    If so, I think your best bet is to go to Burberry or call them to determine how much a new belt would cost. Then I'd ask for that amount refunded from the seller.

    Don't let too much time pass, though, because if the seller doesn't cooperate you'll need to file a claim if you want to pursue a partial refund.
  3. The straps and belt has a slightly lighter colour than the coat so I'm pretty sure they have been replaced - I know the leather buckles is so hard to handle when drycleaning and escecially the vintage ones, so my guess would be that they have been messed up by a drycleansing once and that's why the straps and belt have been replaced.

    But I'll definitely try to call Burberry and ask them if it's possible to buy belt and straps seperately!